Employee Experience event by Genesys in Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde, Belgium on April 18, 2023

"Why employee experience really matters to your customers?" - Employee Experience Event by Genesys - Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde, 18 April 2023 - 09.00-14.30

Join us, along with your executive peers, at Genesys at Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde, Belgium on April 18, 2023.

We have an exciting programme planned, covering employee engagement and workforce performance management, featuring a keynote address followed by great presentations and demos on this highly relevant topic.

Employee engagement is a crucial factor for boosting workforce performance and morale. Engaged employees are more motivated, productive, and committed to their work, which ultimately leads to better business outcomes. Employers can increase engagement by providing clear communication, meaningful work, recognition, and opportunities for growth and development.

Research shows that highly engaged employees are more likely to stay with an organization, reducing turnover costs and improving retention rates. By prioritizing employee engagement, organizations can create a more positive and productive work environment, ultimately leading to increased profitability and success.

We will provide breakfast and lunch during the event, and we look forward to meeting you and discussing this important topic together.

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